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Our mortgage loans are based on four distinct categories, but our terms, rates and downpayment requirements are flexible enough to meet almost any situation. Take a look at the options available and decide which one is right for you.


For most Bahamians, becoming a homeowner is their number one objective. Family Guardian recognizes that an investment in a home is generally the single-most important investment decision that a person will make in the course of his/her life. Since 1980, Family Guardian has played a pivotal role in helping our clients meet these objectives.

Today, we offer attractive terms and low downpayment on residential mortgages for purchases of vacant lots, completed residences, and residential construction. Our residential loans also apply to duplexes, provided the borrower resides in one unit.


Family Guardian also allows clients to use the equity they have accumulated in their home to consolidate other loan facilities in order to improve monthly cash flow. Additionally, equity financing may be used to borrow funds for investments, educational or medical expenses or any worthwhile purpose.


Our investment mortgages apply to all income-producing properties with three to five units. Due to the increased risk associated with an investment loan, the interest rates and downpayment requirements, though competitive, are slightly higher than those of a residential loan.


Commercial mortgages refer to financing of any commercially zoned vacant lot, commercial buildings (including strip malls) and apartment complexes with six or more units.

If you are in the mortgage market, talk to a Family Guardian mortgage representative today. We will be more than happy to assist you in making your dreams a reality. Call our Mortgage Department in Nassau at (242) 396-4040 or in Freeport at 242-352-3670.

The information provided gives a general overview of the products and services provided by Family Guardian and should not be construed to be contractual information. Like most insurance policies, Family Guardian’s policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. For complete cost and details, talk to your Family Guardian representative.

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