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Family Guardian’s Annuities are excellent investment vehicles. Our plans provide flexible options and attractive yields to help ensure that funds are available for your retirement, your children’s education, or your other long-term financial objectives.

Annuities provide continued, regularly scheduled income guaranteed for a specific period or for your lifetime. Annuities also provide a death benefit for your beneficiary should you die before your income payments begin.

Most importantly, your investment is backed by Family Guardian’s 53-year track record and solid financial footing, and managed by a team of skilled investment professionals.

Family Guardian offers three Annuity plans:


Provides a steady income stream at a future date. The minimum initial deposit is $100 and subsequent premiums of at least $25 may be paid as frequently as you like.

An FPDA is an excellent way to save for a child’s education or to enhance a retirement fund. With affordable premiums and superior interest, your long-term goals can be made easier to achieve.


Provides a steady income stream at a future date. A single premium of at least $10,000 earns attractive market and guaranteed rates and grows over the years to provide future income that you can use for retirement or other financial goals. An SPDA is suited for persons wanting to maximize and manage a pension payout, inheritance, or other large endowment.


Provides scheduled payments to you commencing one month after your one-time premium of at least $10,000. Interest is guaranteed at the date of issue based on current economic conditions. An SPIA is an excellent way to manage retirement income.

Annuity plans are structured for long-term investment objectives and should not be perceived as short-term savings vehicles.

The information provided gives a general overview of the products and services provided by Family Guardian and should not be construed to be contractual information. Like most insurance policies, Family Guardian’s policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. For complete cost and details, talk to your Family Guardian representative.